ANCHORMAN 2 is Coming

Having held out as log as we could, the Smokin Monkey staff finally broke down to watch a trailer for one of our most highly-anticipated films of the year – Anchorman 2

First thoughts…

– The gang has definitely moved from San Diego to Rotten Apple.

– 70’s fashions bled over into the 80’s much like the 80’s did to the early 90’s.

– One of the story-lines appears to be an inverse Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner, interesting…

– Kristen Wiig as female Brick should work though the two might cancel each other out.

– Didn’t see much of Appelgate’s Veronica Cornerstone what with Ron dating means her role is small?

– It’s just over a month away until one of the most hyped comedy sequels since Austin Powers 2 debuts.


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