We’ve been working on screenplays ideas for a few years here @ Smokin Monkey HQ. Now it’s time for some feedback, suggestions & ideas from all of our faithful & loyal readers. This will be a weekly column where an idea or a pitch is covered.

Please, feel free to send these ideas & pitches to anyone you may know who works in story development & acquisitions for any production companies & studios. If you work in the industry, then by all means reach out to us.

All stories & pitches are copyrighted by Smokin Monkey & specific authors. Don’t steal our work, buy it for an inexpensive price and help some of our writers out with some financial support so they can continue to work on new ideas.

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Logline – Twilight as written by Kafka

Plot – A group of young-looking vampires are bored. Really, really bored with their lives. They have hit the wall with the whole vampire immortality thing. They are tired of looking like they are 21, regardless of how much it helps them get laid. They need to escape the existential nightmare of their lives. In short, they want to be human. They want to grow old, experience the pains & joys of aging and above all they want one thing more than anything in the world – they want to die.

THIS SUCKS takes the still ridiculously popular vampire genre and flips it on its head. The story is not about humans who dream about becoming a cool, sexy vampire. It is about all of those long, long stretches of time that vampire must fill up with something.


Courtesy of DreamWorks

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