NICK CAVE HEARD-DAM – Friday 7/20 Downtown Denver

Photo by James Prinz Photography.

Photo by James Prinz Photography.

Contemporary artist Nick Cave will transform the Civic Center Cultural Complex with a specially choreographed performance.  Part of the City of Denver’s Biennial of the Americas celebration and in connection with Cave’s exhibition at the Denver Art Museum (DAM), HEARD•DAM, will feature local performers, life-sized horse Soundsuits, music and movement in an electrifying and inspiring performance. Cave currently has an exhibition of new work at the DAM, Nick Cave: Sojourn, which takes visitors on a journey through the artist’s imagination.

Described as textiles meet modern dance, Cave’s colorful, larger-than-life sculptures have been displayed in museums and worn by Cave and other professional dancers as part of performances. Made from materials ranging from wigs to twigs, Soundsuits are designed to make noise as the wearer moves. The horses in HEARD•DAM are made from raffia and weigh up to 50 pounds each. Local dancers will don the sculptures in pairs for the performance.

The artist has commented that Soundsuits have become the great equalizer as the wearers’ age, race, gender and ethnicity are stripped away. A fitting addition to the Biennial which celebrates the creativity of the Americas, HEARD•DAM and Nick Cave represent a new form of art that is both accessible and awe inspiring.

HEARD•DAM is free to the public. Seating is on a first-come basis. Civic Center Cultural Complex, where Civic Center Park is located, is on the southwest side of Colfax Avenue and Broadway in Denver.

(via DAM website)

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