Fill the Void is the Das Boot of Orthodox Hassidic family dramas.

fillthevoid 1

“Claustrophobic” would be a suitable one-word review of writer/director Rama Burshtein’s brilliant debut movie Fill the Void. The movie is an look into a unseen world on the big screen – the world of an ultra-religious community. “Fill the Void has nothing whatsoever to do with the religious-secular dialogue,” said Burshtein, “it opens a peephole into a tiny story taken from a very special and complex world.” The movie doesn’t concern itself with any of the religious/secular debate, instead it focuses on telling a good story. Which it does very effectively.

Shira (Hadas Yaron) is the eighteen-year old daughter of the family of devout Orthodox Hassidic faith. She is almost all grown up, about the become a woman. When we meet her at the beginning of the movie she is knee-deep in the emotional turmoil of being married off in an arranged marriage to a promising young man. She has been waiting a long-time for her turn,  growing up in the shadow of her twenty-eight year old sister Esther (Renana Raz). Esther and her husband Yochay (Yiftach Klein – an eery doppelganger of legendary comedian Sasha Baron Cohen) are expecting their first child any day now. Excitement runs through the family’s with these two events.

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