before-midnight 3

Before Midnight is the third installment in writer/director Richard Linklater’s Before series featuring co-stars Julie Delpy and Ethan Hawke. Before Sunrise (95) introduced Jesse (Hawke), a struggling young twentysomething wanna-be writer from America, who meets Celine (Delpy), a young twentysomething Frenchwoman, on the train. He persuades her to spend the day with him before he returns to America the next day. They spend the day walking and talking while a love spark kindles between them. They make a pact to meet six months later after they sort out their lives back home. Before Sunset (04) reunites them nine years later as Jesse visits Paris on his book tour where he meets Celine again. They spend the afternoon together catching up before Jesse flies back to America where a bad marriage and a young son Hank await. The film ends with Jesse in Celine’s apartment in danger of missing his flight.

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