FRANCES HA Movie Review

frances ha 1

Frances Ha is the first LOL movie of the year. No, srsly – LOLs, for reals. Isn’t that how the Millennials talk these days? Frances and her best-friend Sophie speak in a hypertext short-hand promulgated by those under thirty reared under the narcissistic auspices of the internet. They’re wired 24/7 with their iPhones as virtual umbilical cords to their friends/support groups. This is the first generation to grow up under the watchful eyes (“Gatsby’s” Doctor T. J. Eckleburg glasses = Facebook profiles) of social media. One wonders what this is doing to their ego-creation. Does all of this “attention” make them feel like they are the stars of their own private movie? Is that what these damn kids, these Millennials, are all about? Fame? Attention? Well, if that HBO-Show-That-Will-Not-Be-Named turned you off the Touch-Screen generation, “Frances Ha” will now make you hate them a little less, less than even the Baby Boomers. You might even like them.

Read the rest of the review @ Donnybrook Writing Academy

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