Rooney-MaraThis is your brain on drugs.

Side Effects is the rumored penultimate film from Steven Soderbergh. It is a twisty, psychological/psychiatric thriller with brain drugs front and center. The film is three-fourths of a damn good film which translates into three-fourths of a Soderbergh movie is still superior to 86.7% of Hollywood films. A lot of virtual ink has been and is being spilled about Soderbergh’s insistence that he is done with directing movies after his last film (Behind the Candelabra – his Liberace picture with Michael Douglas in the titular role) comes out on HBO later in the year. [That last sentence truly is an unintentional pun.]  He said he’s burnt out with film and wants to turn his attention to painting and directing theater while maybe dipping his toe back into television (K Street) again.

Emily (Rooney Mara) waits patiently as her husband Martin (Channing Tatum) is due from prison real soon. She has waited for four years while he served time for insider trading (are Wall Streeters actually doing time for 2007-08? Yeah right!). Now that the big day is here she is feeling panicked with her anxiety and depression returning in full force. Emily cracks up again forcing her back into therapy and the frightening world of brain drug. After a suicide attempt, Emily meets Dr. Jonathan Banks (Jude Law) who offers to help her restart her therapy.

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