Based on the 70’s novel Jackie Cogan by George V. Higgins, Killing Them Softlyis a Quentin Tarantino Wet Dream – criminals talking, talking and more talking. It’s like the classic Jules and Vincent Royale with Cheese scene from Pulp Fiction spread out over 80 minutes or so.

Which means it’s pretty awesome.

Killing Them Softly was directed and adapted for the screen by Andrew Dominik (Chopper, The Assassination of Jesse James…) Dominik updates the story from the 70’s to set it in the few days running up to the presidential election of 2008. Campaign billboards for both McCain and Obama are very visible with the CHANGE Obama billboard recurrent throughout the film. The film starts with Squirrel, an aging, criminal who runs a dry cleaning business, trying to talk a couple of hoods into knocking over a underground card game. The plan is fool proof he says since the game is ran by Markie (Ray Liotta) who knocked over his own card game a few years back and got away with it. Then he bragged about it. See? It’s perfect, when they pulls this off, everyone will think Markie was dumb enough to do it again. We get away scott-free

Read the rest of the review at MILE HIGH CINEMA


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