There are lots of movies about alcoholics, mostly dramas (see a review for another alcoholic film out this weekend Flight) with a handful of black comedies. There are not many movies about recovering alcoholics. The alcoholic treatment movie genre is fairly slim, Clean and Sober with Michael Keaton and 28 Days with Sandra Bullock come to mind. Smashed is an intimate look at a twenty-somethning married alcoholic couple, Kate (Mary Elizabeth Winstead, Scott Pilgrim, Live Free or Die Hard) and Charlie (Aaron Paul Breaking Bad, Big Love)who are partying away their days.

They party away their nights which is easy for Charlie as he has some ambiguous job writing about bands. Kate on the other hand needs to sober up each morning to teach elementary school. Not an easy task to do even when you’re not hungover. One night after some hard-drinking Kate gives a woman from the bar a ride how which turns into an evening of crack-smoking and falling asleep under an overpass. She comes home, sobers up and makes it to school only to throw up in class. The interrogation scene that follows is an homage to Kindergarten Cop (‘It’s not a tumor’) as all of the children want to know what’s wrong with their teacher. They decide she’s pregnant which Kate agrees to just to get them to be quiet as her head pounds.

Read the rest of the review at MILE HIGH CINEMA


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