It should be called – Alex Cross-Dresser and boy is it one weird, messed up movie. Having never seen a Madea movie before, I went into this movie cold. I try to limit my reading on a film before I see is so as to keep the story fresh. That said, I did read somewhere that Madea (her real name is Mabel Simmons) was cross-dressing as a man for this film in which she stars in the titular role of Alex Cross, whom we should all know is from those ridiculously popular series of books by James Patterson and all his co-writers these days.

Alex Cross-Dresser is confusing since Madea, in drag as a man here, pretends to be a detective in Detroit who also happens to be married with two children. I distinctly remembering seeing a few other Alex Cross movies with Morgan Freeman in the lead role so I guess I will need to really willingly suspend my sense of disbelief. I think they call this a reboot, or something. Anyway back to this new and improved Alex Cross.

Read the rest of the review at MILE HIGH CINEMA.

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