“The best violent postmodern dognapping black comedy of the year.”

Seven Psychopaths is the best comedy of the year so far. Sorry The Dictator, Klown and Ted – you’ve been usurped by an Irish playwright – Martin McDonagh – who is really starting to get the hang of this whole movie-making thing after lighting the theater world on fire in the 90’s with his violent, incendiary plays set in Ireland. (His first movie was In Bruges – a delightful hitmen-trapped-in-Hell film.)

If Pulp Fiction and Adaptation screwed and had a baby, it’s name would be Seven Psychopaths. That is high praise as those are two excellent films in this humble reviewer’s opinion.

Sitting here at the trusty ol’ keyboard I am at a loss for who to dive into this review. The usual thing would be to spend several paragraphs blabbing on and on about plot points, etc. I don’t want to do that since I went into this movie with virtually ZERO knowledge about the plot and I loved the movie. I mean just look back up at that photograph. Do you need anymore than that to convince you to go? Someone once said a picture was worth a thousand words, that one at the top is worth at least three or four thousand words. Once you rush out and see the movie you will know exactly what I am saying.

So what should I do then? I mean, the bulk of a movie review is the plot descriptions – BOOOOOORRRRRINNNNGGG. How about a few more pull quotes?

Best use of little-seen Los Angeles since The Big Lebowski

The coolest, most bad-ass cast since True Romance

Still not enough? Fine.

Read the rest of the review @ MILE HIGH CINEMA


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