Review: ARGO

From the second appearance of the Saul Bass Warner Bros. logo this year (first to the post, “Magic Mike”) to the closing credits with super-imposed text and voice-over, Argo is a classic 70’s thriller. Argo hits a level of verisimilitude that many “Seventies” movies or television shows (The Box, Life on Mars) never quite achieve as they seem too kitschy looking as we are long past the point of most people remembering when it was fashionable. Ben Affleck’s third time in the director’s chair (Gone Baby Gone, The Town) is a solid, well-crafted movie which has been picking up Oscar buzz since it premiered at the  Toronto International Film Festival.

“Based on a true story”

We are dropped smack dab in the middle of the Iranian Revolution right as a mob swarms the American embassy to take everyone  hostage. Six Americans have escaped from the melee to take refuge in the Canadian ambassador’s house. CIA operative Tony Mendez (Affleck) has been brought in to find a way to extract them without being detected by the Revolutionary Guard. Mendez’s boss at the CIA Jack O’Donnell (Wayne White) wants him to come up with a plan to extract them as the the United States and especially the Carter Administration is receiving tons of shit for the hostages. After sitting in on a meeting where it is actually suggested that the bring bicycles and expect them to bike 300 miles to the Turkish border, Mendez conjures up the idea of shooting a fake movie as the cover for bringing them home.

Read the rest of the review at MILE HIGH CINEMA.

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