Thank William Friedkin for this movie review. There I was, minding my own business on The Twitter when I came across a tweet from Mr. Friedkin which said this:

@WilliamFriedkin End of Watch is a great film…may be the best cop film ever

Now that is a serious pull-quote from the man who brought us French Connection, Exorcist, Bug, Sorcerer and many others so I went out and saw End of Watch. I gotta tell you, I was impressed. Never having been much of a fan of police movies, I especially loathed “Training Day,” so when I saw the blurb for End of Watch that said “From the writer of Training Day,” I tuned the movie out. Now you can see the power of a great pull-quote – it needs to be from a respected source.

Read the rest of the review at Mile High Cinema.


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