Review: ‘Sleepwalk With Me’

Sleepwalk With Me” is the new, thinly-veiled autobiographical movie from comedian & NPR storyteller Mike Birbiglia. It is an affable and delightful film that manages to deftly deal with serious issues such as a faltering relationship, dangerous sleepwalking and the trials and tribulations of becoming a stand-up comic. Write what you know – states every single book on screenwriting ever, with “Sleepwalk” Birbiglia took that advice to heart. The film proves he made a good choice.

When I say thinly-veiled I mean razor thin – Birbiglia changed his name to Matt Pandamiglio but based most of the script on his standup and his memoir we he recounts most of the stories seen in the film. I was not too familiar with his standup or work on NPR (who helped to produce the film, see if you can spot Ira Glass in the movie!) so most of the movie was new to me as I had read that some of his die-hard fans thought the movie could’ve included several more of his more famous stories. That being said, the movie comes in at less than 80 minutes and it flies right by at that length. I will admit that I wasn’t ready for the film to end which to me is high praise for a film. Don’t stop! Please, keep going, make a sequel! A Prequel! More! Ok, I don’t want to get too crazy here.

Read the rest of the review at Mile High Cinema.


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