Smokin Monkey has viewed ‘The Master’

Yes – it lives up to all of the hype here on SM and almost every other movie source you want to turn to. The review will be forthcoming soon as it begins its limited release this weekend on the coasts before invading Fly-Over Country next Friday.

Few quick thoughts – the acting is superb, not surprising, but Joaquin really delivers his best performance on film. PSH is top-notch as well as the titular figure and Castle Rock, Colorado’s own Amy Adams adds her calming and graceful presence in several key scenes too.

“The Master” is in keeping with the more insular, smaller-ensemble films of  PTA’s  “Punch Drunk Love” & “There Will Be Blood” from his early larger ensemble films.

It is gorgeous looking, the 65mm film even when shown digitally gives the film a highly-detailed look and feel, the colors are striking in many scenes especially the blues as the ocean & water make up a large part of the visual scheme of the film.

Stay tuned for more…


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