New Trailer for ‘Cloud Atlas’

via First Showing

Boy oh boy does this look good. Read the book over the last few weeks – it was fantastic. A Russian doll of a novel that has 6 stories spread out over hundreds of years that subtly bleed over into each other. The stories proceed in chronological order thean in the middle of the book it works backwards through the stories so that the first one is also the last. Very clever and not gimmicky at all. The best thing about the book is how each of the 6 stories are tonally different and different genres – sci-fi, 70’s thriller, 18th century sailors, post-apocalyptic, bewteen the world wars. David Mitchell is really an exceptional writer who does a fantastic job of keeping up the suspense and momentum of the stories as the slowly weave into each other.

There’s a interesting piece on the Wachowski’s in the newest issue of the New Yorker. Give them credit for making this film as the most expensive independent film ever made. It will not be an easy sell to the average moviegoer but neither was “The Matrix” and that movie is now a classic.

The movie opens nationwide on October 26th.

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