Review: ‘Celeste and Jesse Forever’

Rashida Jones co-wrote and stars in “Celeste and Jesse Forever” an anti-rom com where the couple seems quite content to stay best friends and move on from romance. Jones plays Celeste and former SNL star Andy Samberg plays Jesse, the Party of Two, who come complete with private jokes and routines that do a great job of revealing their close friendship which can always make can look pretty ridiculous to everyone else. Celeste works as a trend forecaster and Samberg plays the impractical cartoonist artist who appears to chronically be out of work. He’s lazy and goofy while she is the control-freak who always needs to be right. They know that their marriage is over but they just can’t quit their friendship as Jesse now lives in  studio in back of their house. You get the feeling they could go on for years living in this pleasant inertia. Neither of them seems to have a problem with this yet.

Read the rest of the review at Mile High Cinema.

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