Keaton is BACK Motherf@#kers!!!! OK…sorta back.

Guess who has been added to the cast of the rebooted “Robocop“?

Need any hints? Go ahead, give it a go.



This “Robocop” reboot has a badass cast so far – Samuel L. Jackson, Gary Oldman, The Snabba Cash star & director and OMAR!

It appears Keaton will fill in for House MD as the heavy, which is cool, Keaton can play the black hat.  Whomever won the role knew ahead of time that they had big shoes to fill from the original – the great RONNY COX.

Let’s hope this one looks better than the Judge Dredd reboot. Yawn. SM has already seen “The Raid: Redemption,” there’s no way Dredd 6-D will be better than that.


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