Suspension of Disbelief SERIOUSLY Needed for Red Dawn Reboot

North Koreans? Seriously?

Say what you will about the original “Red Dawn” (Pro-war recruiting video, anti-government training manual for the Reagan Jugend, 1st PG-13 movie CHALK full of violence, etc…) at least it had the guts to go after the Russians, our big rival at the time.

North Korea? Seriously? I know there’s some B.S. about an advanced technologies that give them the ability to kick ass now, but come on, the country struggles to feed its people.

Not China? Are they are biggest rival nowadays?

Oh, that’s right, they own most of America and a good chunk of its debt, can’t bite the hand that loans you the money to feed you and enable you to buy plastic crap.

BTW – the movie has been on the shelf for years.


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