Flannelstalgie – Market Street Summerfest. Saturday Night. 90’s One-Hit Wonders. FREE

(A quick internet search could not pull up one single image of a poster for this event. So we chose this. Natch.)

Saturday is the FREE Market Street Summerfest down on 20th Street and….uh, Market. Click the link for a highly interactive website with links to the bands, audio clips and other…..or not. Hey, we geti it, the festival is free and they need to cut corners where they can. Good choice on saving dough on a website, why waste all of that money on all of the colored paper, tape and paste it would take to jazz up the website. Maybe the fest’s promoters found an internet template from when these two 90’s bands were still in the Billboard charts. Maybe it was created on AOL. Does AOL even exists? We sure in hell are not going to look.

Your headliners are Sister Hazel, the creators of ubiquitous late 90’s hit “All for You” and Tonic, the creators of the ubiquitous late 90’s hit “If You Could Only See” are your co-headliners for the free fest.Both of the one-hit wonders reached #11 on the Billboard Top 100 charts…coincidence? Weren’t they both featured in complicated story arcs on “Friends”?

You don’t think Flannelstalgie is really catching on, do you Mr. Skeptical Internets? This lineup is a perfect recreation of the 80’s one-hit wonder package shows/tours of the 90’s. Where’s Better than Ezra at these days? Oh, they will be in Davenport, IA next week at the River Roots Fest.

Some local bands are on the bill too with the always superb The Swayback being a standout.

Bring yer flannel with and head downtown Saturday as the gates open at 2pm with some rockin’ set to commence at 3pm.


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