Flannelstalgie – Bill & Ted Return. WTF to do about Phone Booth?

Great news Flannelstalgie Fans…Vulutre reports Bill & Ted 3 is a go. Having recently secreened Excellent Adventure, Smokin Monkey is proud to report it still holds up really damn well and hey, we ALL want to see Alex Winters back in the pictures.

How will they be able to explain the phone booth to GenY / Millennials? Will this sequel use cellphones? Or maybe it will be a prequel? Holy shitballs Hollywood, you have soooo many options here!

Early chatter has commenters asking how they can do another sequel now that George Carlin is in Standup Heaven and can’t play Rufus anymore?

We’ve got your answer………

He’s the closest to Carlin around these days and he would rule in it. He could be Rufus’s brother Ralphus.

This just makes perfect sense.

Ed. note – Please remember Flannelstalgie is not specific to only 90’s stuff, it encompases the whole Generation X cohort range which includes some 80’s things that bled over into the 90’s with Bill & Ted being a perfect example.


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