Digging Into the 80’s More….an ‘ALF’ Movie is in the Works

Man it would be AWESOME if they took this in an R-Rated version similar to “TED” Think of the age demographic of anyone who watched this show originally as a kid, they are now in their 30’s-40’s, they would be more likely to go see ALF ripping bongs and chasing gals around the city. The story could center on making him a burnt out, has-been child TV star from the 80’s, something like the gang from Different Strokes. He meets some people one night scoring drugs who want to make him famous again as they convince him to let them pitch a reality show which they tell ol’ Gordon will be used to relaunch his ‘brand’ and get him back on TV. ALF wants to track down where his old family from his 80’s show too which could lead to more hilarious, dark humor as the Tanner family has been forever stigmatized by the showing not translating well outside of the Days of Ronnie Raygun.

The film go could with a dark “Cable Guy” vibe focusing on satire of celebrity and Hollywood. I see scenes of ALF recreating famous internet phenomenons like making a sex tape with Paris Hilton or popping up in viral videos like the one with that little kid whacked out on ectsasy from going to the dentist. (OK, maybe it was anesthesia, let a person think that kid was rolling, makes the whole thing funnier). Either way it went the furry bastard would need to give up eating cats.

Come on, we can picture him doing this, right?

I am available for pitches and story ideas Hollywood. Please feel free to hit us up on the Twitter – @kdringg – for a lucrative writing gig.

Here’s a sample of some ALF outtakes that have been popping up every so often on the YouTube.

Now the context of the Tourette Syndrome stuff was a spoof from a then-current drama L.A. Law.


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