Flannelstalgie – Spin Doctors to play Taste of Colorado Saturday! Bring Flannel

Yeah, that’s right the SPIN DOCTORS are still around and rocking out their multiple hits from the 90’s. Here’s one here:

Get on down to the FREE Taste of Colorado festival and check em out.


It’s Labor Day…that means Telluride Film Festival

One of these days SM is gonna raise up enough capital to get down to this world-class film festival. Maybe as soon as SM gets bought by Huffington Post we’ll head down. Maybe 2013. Yeah…maybe.

Oh we are sure there will be a surprise announcement that ‘The Master’ will play on 70mm and PTA will be there too. Such is life.

Here’s the main competition lineup. Titles with a ** are one’s that Smokin Monkey wants to see really soon:

THE ACT OF KILLING (d. Joshua Oppenheimer, Denmark, 2012)

AMOUR (d. Michael Haneke, Austria, 2012)**

AT ANY PRICE (d. Ramin Bahrani, U.S., 2012)

THE ATTACK (d. Ziad Doueiri, Lebanon-France, 2012)

BARBARA (d. Christian Petzold, Germany, 2012)

THE CENTRAL PARK FIVE (d. Ken Burns, Sarah Burns, David McMahon, U.S., 2012)

EVERYDAY (d. Michael Winterbottom, U.K., 2012)

FRANCES HA (d. Noah Baumbach, U.S., 2012)**

THE GATEKEEPERS (d. Dror Moreh, Israel, 2012)

GINGER AND ROSA (d. Sally Potter, England, 2012)

THE HUNT (d. Thomas Vinterberg, Denmark, 2012)**

HYDE PARK ON HUDSON (d. Roger Michell, U.S., 2012)**

THE ICEMAN (d. Ariel Vromen, U.S., 2012)**

LOVE, MARILYN (d. Liz Garbus, U.S., 2012)

MIDNIGHT’S CHILDREN (d. Deepa Mehta, Canada-Sri Lanka, 2012)

NO (Pablo Larraín, Chile, 2012)**

PARADISE: LOVE (d. Ulrich Seidl, Austria, 2012)**

PIAZZA FONTANA (d. Marco Tullio Giordana, Italy, 2012)

A ROYAL AFFAIR (d. Nikolaj Arcel, Denmark, 2012)

RUST & BONE (d. Jacques Audiard, France, 2012)**

THE SAPPHIRES (d. Wayne Blair, Australia, 2012)

STORIES WE TELL (d. Sarah Polley, Canada, 2012)**

SUPERSTAR (d. Xavier Giannoli, France, 2012)

WADJDA (d. Haifaa Al-Mansour, Saudi Arabia, 2012)

WHAT IS THIS FILM CALLED LOVE? (d. Mark Cousins, Ireland-Mexico, 2012).

Keaton is BACK Motherf@#kers!!!! OK…sorta back.

Guess who has been added to the cast of the rebooted “Robocop“?

Need any hints? Go ahead, give it a go.



This “Robocop” reboot has a badass cast so far – Samuel L. Jackson, Gary Oldman, The Snabba Cash star & director and OMAR!

It appears Keaton will fill in for House MD as the heavy, which is cool, Keaton can play the black hat.  Whomever won the role knew ahead of time that they had big shoes to fill from the original – the great RONNY COX.

Let’s hope this one looks better than the Judge Dredd reboot. Yawn. SM has already seen “The Raid: Redemption,” there’s no way Dredd 6-D will be better than that.

Review: ‘Once Upon a Time in Anatolia’

“Once Upon a Time in Anatolia” is already a strong contender for 2012 Movie of the Year. At 157 minutes, it’s hard to imagine that the film doesn’t feel long enough but after two viewings I want more from these characters. An entrancing epic ‘fairytale’ of a movie, “Once Upon a Time in Anatolia” is several movies rolled into one – an absurd road movie, a police procedural, a black comedy Coen Brothers-style, a melancholic existential human drama and ultimately a gaze into the lonely minds of introspective Turkish bureaucrats. Now that last one is not specifically a type of movie but after this film maybe it should be a new genre.

Read the rest of the review at Mile High Cinema.

Movies to Go Out and See Weekend of August 24th

New films opening that SM thinks look worth a trip to the ol’ theater…

@ the Esquire

This one looks fun with two very likeable leads.

@ Denver Film Center

Cronenberg. DeLillo. Nuff said. Oh and that vampire cuckold too.

@ Denver Film Center

Interesting doco on the aborted Iranian Revolution.

Opening Wide

Joe and Mike – two of the best actors in US films right now.

Still in theaters…

@ The Mayan

This looks like a fascinating doco on the Latino Dylan.

@ The Mayan

Still one of the funniest movies of the year. A damn good time.  REVIEW.

@ Tiffany Plaza – Elvis Cinema

TED – another damn funny movie….worth a second viewing real soon especially at the bargain price of $2.50

Suspension of Disbelief SERIOUSLY Needed for Red Dawn Reboot

North Koreans? Seriously?

Say what you will about the original “Red Dawn” (Pro-war recruiting video, anti-government training manual for the Reagan Jugend, 1st PG-13 movie CHALK full of violence, etc…) at least it had the guts to go after the Russians, our big rival at the time.

North Korea? Seriously? I know there’s some B.S. about an advanced technologies that give them the ability to kick ass now, but come on, the country struggles to feed its people.

Not China? Are they are biggest rival nowadays?

Oh, that’s right, they own most of America and a good chunk of its debt, can’t bite the hand that loans you the money to feed you and enable you to buy plastic crap.

BTW – the movie has been on the shelf for years.

The Baffler is BACK…Treat Yourself to an Affordable Subscription

The Baffler – a fantastic, intelligent left-leaning journal that tackles culture and politics with wit and aplomb.

Here’s a blurb about the journal:

The Baffler is a journal of art and criticism appearing every March, June, and October. It’s edited by John Summers with Thomas Frank and Chris Lehmann, published in print and digital formats by MIT Press, delivered to subscribers in all fifty U.S. States, Canada, and Europe, and distributed to fine book stores everywhere.

Check out the website for some sample articles and drop $20 on a 3 issue subscription soon.