Liars. Friday Night. Bluebird. Be there.

I think it’s safe to say that the Liars are a band that is in it for the long haul. These guys have now put out 6 albums in 12 years with each record stylistically different from the last one…yet they all sound like the Liars. From being the hyped next-best-thing from Brooklyn to post-hype art rockers to expats-in-Berlin to the new record which is heavy on the electronic music (think recent Radiohead for the comp)…these musical chameleons continue to evolve. I heard a quote once about them that I can paraphrase like this – “Liars are a band that will be discovered years later and become a big influence on bands in the future.” I like that, sorta like a modern-day Velvets or Joy Division. If you have not seen them live, then you are truly missing out, so get your ass down to the Bluebird Theater this Friday night.


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