Comedy NOT in a comedy club – SUPPORT THIS PLEASE!

The talented Kristen Schaal makes a local appearance next Wednesday at the Gothic Theater. With her is the talented Kurt Braunholer and local comic Abbey Jordan. Go check it out for some alternative fun with people standing on stage holding a microphone and hey, anytime you can support comedy OUTSIDE of the stranglehold of comedy veal pens like The Comedy Club, please do it.

SM remembers a super-funny set Ms. Schaal did a few years back at the Oriental Theater with Tig Notaro. A damn good time was had without feeling jammed into seat and being forced into the 2-drink MANDATE that all comedy clubs force onto you. If you are not familiar with Ms. Schaal, you’ve no doubt seen her work in Flight of the Conchords, 30 Rock, Daily Show or heard her voice on Bob’s Burgers – a fantastic show btw – click the link to watch a few episodes for free on the hulu.


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