DENVER – We’ve Got Five Days…UPDATE – It’s on….

That’s right Mile High Movie Nuts – the fine folks at Mile High Cinema and Gordon and the Whale are working the TUGG to get a one-night screening of Nacho Vigalondo‘s latest flick EXTRATERRESTRIAL to Denver next Thursday – June 28th at the Denver Film Center.

If you don’t know Nacho – go find a copy of his brilliant time-travel movie TIMECRIMES, watch it, check out the trailer for EXTRATERRESTRIAL and now go to TUGG and reserve your tix so we can all enjoy this on the big screen next Thursday.

Come on Denver, let’s do this thing….I heard even Peyton Manning might be there*, so tell all of your Bronco Fans.

Tell all of your friends to their faces, on your mobile COM units or social media outlets. Go HERE and be a cool kid.

* – This fact may or may not be true but last time we here at Smokin Monkey HQ heard this we were at a Rockies game on a warm Sunday afternoon and what did you know, he was there.

h/t – A/V Club at the Onion

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